About me and the Avospy.com

First idea in 2016

The original idea of Avospy as a single dashboard for my own and client’s websites is dated back to 2016, when I realize I have so many of them, that takes me a lot of time to check them. So it was on daily basis, then weekly and then like one time in a year. And this is not good, I found my projects didn’t running or broken several times.

First launch in 2018

The idea crystalized for many years, technologies and techniques are changing every day and the demand went wider. A lot wider. First launch of Avospy was in 2018 as a simple service to alert you, when website is down or up. This does a lot of services. I want it smarter.

Second version in 2020

In 2020 I launched Avospy version 2, which has many new features and it’s closer to my ideal state (which can never achieve of course, there will be still something new). In this version Avospy can check your projects and websites in 1-5 minutes intervals, many other content and security checks, takes desktop and mobile screenshots.

Technology and backend

Avospy runs mostly on Amazon Web Services and also on virtual servers (the dashboard and frontend), so the availability is 99.99+%, can run from different regions, various runtimes and setups. It’s diversified in cloud and microservices, cannot be turned off or destroyed. It’s a complex self-service system maintained by professionals.


I also have a roadmap of less important, but nice to have, check ups which can help you with your websites to be faster, smarter and more user friendly.

About author

I’m web developer for nearly 15 years now, I came through lot of own projects, contracts and employments. I started in high school with HTML (no CSS!) and PHP 3. Now we have a lot of fancy technologies, no hassle with running code, dependencies, debugging, version control. It’s so much easier and also harder in different way these days. But I love it, every deploy, every idea for new project. As the last personal thing about me, I have a loving wife, two awesome and smart children, one cute dog and van for traveling all around the Europe, which is our favourite way to travel.

Thank you for using Avospy.com and supporting us to make our dreams come true.

Martin Talavasek - CEO Avospy.com
Martin Talavasek
CEO Avospy.com